Registration and support of companies in Hong Kong

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Registration and support of companies in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - one of those places on the planet that is the best suited for business. This is primarily due to the legal system of China. Open here own company is not easy, however, much faster and cheaper than if we were talking about other countries.

Company CecitoCorporationLtd is ready to help you in all matters related to consultation, registration and maintenance of organizations in Hong Kong. Why does it worthy to open a business here?

- In Hong Kong, operates a simple taxation system;

- Income tax does not exceed 17.5% for legal entities;

- When opening an offshore company it possible to avoid paying taxes or to reduce these costs to a minimum;

- An offshore company could be checked by the authorities at any time, but if you keep the documents correctly, and do not exceed the daily limit for withdrawal, the business does not attract the attention of inspection bodies.

Finally, the registration of the company in Hong Kong takes a minimum of time, especially if it is taken by professionals from CecitoCorporationLtd. Over the years, our staff has gained extensive experience in matters relating to opening and doing business in China, so we are ready to render any assistance to you to implement your goals.

In addition to the registration and maintenance of the company in Hong Kong, on this website you could order services such as registration of export-import Company in China, apostille and legalization in Hong Kong, trademark registration in Hong Kong and China. For any questions, please contact the representative of Cecito. Consultations are free of charge.

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